Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disneyland, Round 2

My favorite part of the trip was Maddie's face on the Mater ride at Car's land.  This alone makes me want to take her back right now

Couldn't get enough of the sand or the water

We rode this ride 4 times

Maddie was thrilled to run around California Adventure at night in her Elsa dress.  This may have been the highlight of the trip for her

Love these 3

One million pictures from Disneyland

Just kidding - it's not a million. It's a lot though, so I'm going to do this in 2 posts.

This was such a good vacation for us.  Beckham's first time flying, and Maddie's first time that she will really remember.  It was cute - she talked non-stop before we left about what kind of drink she was going to get on the airplane.  Josh's parents were kind enough to let us drag them along with us.  It was so fun having them there - the kids were in heaven and we felt so lucky to do this with them before they leave on a mission for 3 years.  We spent one day at Disneyland and one at California Adventure.  The rest of the time we hung out at the beach and the park and kind of just kept things low-key.  I think my kids loved the beach and the ocean almost as much Disneyland.  It was really such a fun trip.  

 The cutest dad ever in my unbiased opinion

 Madds finally at her home away from home

 She tells everyone she's from California and I think this is why

 he was mesmerized

One of the many churros we ate this trip 

happy girl on the teacups 

Day 2, outside of California Adventure

Beckham is ONE!!

Oh my goodness.  This boy.

He has been the greatest, sweetest, most fun blessing in our life since day one.  When I think of one word that describes him, it is good (or great) in every meaning of the word.  He has been such a good baby, such an easy temperament, so happy and lovable and independent in just the right ways.  He's a little bit of a mama's boy and I will be the first to admit that I love every bit of it.  Josh and I always are commenting on how Becks is just happy to be here and happy to be a part of things.  He strong and determined (almost to a fault).  Diaper changes are near impossible and he hates getting dressed.  He is the happiest boy (did I already say that?).  He has the biggest, happiest smile and a contagious giggle.  He started laughing early and hasn't stopped since.  

At his one year appointment:
22 pounds even (38%)
30 inches (58 %)
46.6 cm head (57 %)

Becks never quite got the chub that Maddie did at this age and has proven to be almost completely opposite from her in almost every way (one of then few similarities they share is their love for white swaddle blankets and sucking their thumbs).

He just started walking and is already cursing around and trying to run (4/4/2014)
He can saw a handful of words - mama, dada, bottle, hi, bye, jesus, hey, balloon, whoa!, and his personal favorite - BALL which he says from the minute he wakes up until just before bedtime (Josh is so proud).
He is always on the move. Always.  He climbs on anything that is climb-able and is constantly trying his best to get hurt or do something dangerous (again, totally opposite from his sis).
He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses, but only if he really wants to
He loves water - showers, baths, swimming, putting his hands in the sink etc.
He is obsessed with his sister and follows her around all day
He is also obsessed with balls and can spot them from what seems like a mile away and won't rest until he gets it
His favorite foods are: any kind of berries, PB (and now honey) sandwiches, any kind of pasta, fruit leather, and milk.
He has 5 teeth
He loves people and waves to everyone he sees when he's in his stroller
He loves being outside, jumping on the tramp, swings, eating stuff he shouldn't and pulling everything out of any and every cupboard and drawer - especially in the bathroom

We love this boy!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Three year pictures

A few of my favorites of Maddie's three year photos.  I can't get over how much she has grown and changed since last year (two year old pictures).  Don't be fooled - she was having a particularly rough day.  The first few weeks of being three were tough on both of us, but lately this three-year-old thing has been so incredibly fun for both of us.  She never stops surprising me with how smart and sweet and clever and funny she is.  Last night, after laying her down for bed, Josh and I heard her calling for us.  Josh went in to check on her and she told him she was scared.  Josh reminded her that if she was scared she could sing a primary song to help her feel all better.  She said she already sang "The church of Jesus Christ" song and was still a little scared.  She asked Josh if he would sing her a song.  He started singing to her and after the first line she said "Ahhhh, I feel much better now."  

Such a sweetie.  This girl is loved more than she'll ever know.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy {third} Birthday Dear Maddie!

At some point I blinked, and Josh and I now have a three year old.  I still can't quite wrap my brain around that idea.  I spent the night before she turned three in tears looking through photos of her from these past three years.  We've been obsessed with her from the beginning, and for good reason.  Ever since I could remember, all I really wanted to be when I grew up was a mom.  And now that it's here  (the mom part - not the grown up part), all I can say is that it is better - and probably harder - than I ever imagined.  We love this girl more than we ever thought possible.

We had one big party celebrating Maddie with my whole family and Josh's whole family.  Maddie was thrilled for her big day and had been anticipating it for weeks.  She had a "Frozen" cake that she was so proud of and lots of treats.  We also broke a piƱata at her request - she kept telling me before that she was going to "bat it with a stick" but when it came down to it she was a little timid, so her cousin Sebi broke it open.  It was a perfect day for her.

At three years old, Maddie is a talker - she talks all day long and never stops surprising me with her understanding and increasing vocabulary.  The other day she came and asked what I was doing and I told her I was mopping the kitchen floor.  She said "Oh thank you Mommy! You are the best Mommy in the whole world!"  The next night, after helping clean her room, she told me "Thanks mom! You are really impressive!"  (I'm taking the hint that I should clean a little more).

She loves her dad and asks me, without fail, every morning where dad is.  I think she (like me) lives for Saturdays and Sundays when we have Josh home with us all day.  She loves when he gets home and screams and runs to the door to see him.  

She is getting better about playing with Becks - she has always loved him and been VERY protective of him, but is starting to want him to play with her more.  She loves to make him laugh and always tells me what he needs and makes sure that I am taking care of him. 

She loves reading and learning.  She knows all her ABCs by sight and is a good counter.  She loves to sit and read stacks of books with me.  She lives for her weekly dance class and sunbeams and loves to sing and dance around the house.  I'm not sure if there is anything about her that is shy and I'm pretty sure she would try to take charge in a room full of adults if she felt like she needed to.

I still can't believe she's already three!

Christmas 2013

I'm almost two months late in posting these and Christmas already feels forever ago, but I think I can speak for both Josh and I and say that it was our best Christmas yet.  Maddie is at such a fun age and was so excited about everything.  She actually asked me the other day if we could get another Christmas tree.  I think both of our babes were a little overwhelmed by the end of Christmas night - lots of presents, lots of sugar, and not enough sleeping - all signs of a successful Christmas day.  Having little ones in our house for the Christmas season makes things even more magical and really magnifies the spirit of Christmas. 

Maddie was thrilled to get her beloved Elsa doll

Becks wasn't quite sure what was going on but, as always, was so happy to be a part of things

Christmas Sunday

The only decent picture I got from Maddie's first dance recital.  I was laughing so hard that they all turned out blurry.  Thank heavens we have it all on video because it truly was one of the highlights of our parenting career thus far.

And I just had to throw this one in here because - look at those perfect faces! Am I lucky or what?