Thursday, September 26, 2013

A little update...

Today our sweet Beckham is six months old already - six months!! Another six months and we'll be celebrating his one year birthday.

I've spent the last few minutes of precious nap time going through recent photos, thinking about the many blog posts I want to write, but haven't yet.  We've been busy to say the least, and sometimes with motherhood, and life in general, this little blog gets neglected, but I suppose there are far more important things and I'm perfectly fine with that.

In an effort to record a few fun memories since the birth of our sweet boy, here's a little re-cap... in a very small nutshell.  A few of my favorite memories from the past little while:

(1) We welcomed a new baby into our family, (2) celebrated Josh's BYU graduation and a wonderful new job (3) and celebrated our third anniversary (4) Maddie and Beckham have spent lots of time getting reacquainted and loving one another. (5) We said goodbye to our Provo home of 3 (on and off) years and our wonderful 93 and 95 year old neighbors Francis and Leo (who Maddie still says prayers for at night). (6) Spent a perfect week at a house on the beach in California and celebrated Josh's 25 birthday.  This vacation impacted Maddie enough that she tells people she lives in California.  (7 & 8) We experienced one of the greatest miracles of our lives with our sweet baby boy Beckham (maybe another blog post on this at another time).  We are grateful beyond words for this little angel boy and the love our Heavenly Father has shown us. (9) Spent lots of summer nights and evenings outside, often completely disregarding bedtime.

(1) We moved to (and are loving) our new place.  Lots of days at homes with the two babes (2) celebrated another Father's Day with the greatest dad there ever was. (3) Spent a few fun days boating. (4-6) Said goodbye to one missionary uncle (James), and welcomed home two others (Mikey and Jake). (7) Maddie got her first scooter which she is still slightly afraid of (8) Blessed our sweet Beckham boy (9) Josh and I spent a few blissful days at Lake Powell, kid free.  One of my top 3 favorite places on earth
(1) Tried unsuccessfully to stay overnight up at Snowbird thanks to a very terrible two day from Maddie.  Tried again much more successfully the next night. (2) Fun days in Park City (3) Lots and lots of swim days at Grandmas (4) Monsters University and Despicable Me 2 (which Maddie saw... ahem... 3 times in theaters) (5) Had fun watching our little Becks grow and grow and grow (6) A few precious date nights with the love of my life (7) Got to visit Elder Holland in his office - Beck's first time meeting him (he's even more amazing in person) (8) Bear Lake for labor day - this girl is a beach bum (9) maddie started her first dance class!

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Anonymous said...

Love this quick update. I always feel the same way about my blog. Its way to hard to keep up. I love all of the photos. Your babies are so adorable!! I can't believe how big both of them are getting. We need to meet up sometime when I am in Utah so I can meet these cuties... and see you of course!!