Monday, July 22, 2013

A name and a blessing.

Our sweet Beckham James Taylor was blessed on July 7.  It was such a perfect day for our little family and Josh gave Beckham an incredible blessing that we will love forever.  We blessed Beckham at my parent's home wearing the same blue and white nike's that Josh was blessed in.  We sure feel blessed to have this perfect little boy as part of our family.  It's impossible to think of our family now without realizing the huge part the Beckham is, and always has been.  We've had many tender and special experiences with this little babe so far and he has already taught me more than I could ever have imagined.

Beckham is the sweetest, most easy-going, happy baby.  I've been spoiled beyond reason by his calm and constant temperament.  He slept through the night early on and continues to sleep 11-15 hours a night, with one early to mid-morning feeding, amazing boy.  He has made this rough transition to 2 as easy as he possible could for this new mama.

Being a mother is the greatest gift.  I often sit as I feed Beckham or play with Maddie and feel completely humbled and overwhelmed with gratitude for these two precious little ones.  Gosh, we are lucky!

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