Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Almost 3


talks all. day. long

loves playing pretend
can name too many songs on the radio
has already seen Frozen twice (and will probably see it twice more in theaters)
loves Curious George and clementines
hides her things from Beckham
still sucks her thumb
her favorite thing is a stack of freshly-washed blankies
loves her dance class and insists we pray for her teacher "Miss Katie" every prayer
her best friends are Dad, Papa Mark and Grandma Jill
still calls Josh by his first name occasionally
the only person more stubborn than her mama
loves dresses, skirts, and anything pretty
her mom and dad obsess over her long, blonde hair (mom is a little envious)
does not like having her picture taken
loves to show off her dances
can convince her dad to do anything
can sing probably 25 primary songs by memory
loves nursery
is excited for her birthday on "January twenty"
always asks for "a big hug and a big kiss"
uses words like "apologize" and "patient" in the wrong context
loves friends
says "Look at that cute girl" when she gets ready in the morning
would do anything for chocolate chips
could read and be read to for hours on end
loves princesses and dolls and babies and anything girly
sings "Green Beans"
loves anything "teeny tiny and soooo cute"
will close her eyes and lean in for a slow kiss

Some Maddie-isms from lately:
When I told  her "Maddie, you're out of control" she said "I'm not a troll!"
Whenever Beckham is crying she sings "I am a child of God" to him
Always asks "What's this song called Mommy?" when she hears music
Calls Gatorade  Atorgade
Insists that her name is "Madison Elizabeth Taylor"
Tells me "congratulations" when I do something and tells me about how things are "Glorious"
When eating at Grandma Jill's said "What the Joe Poe is in my cereal?"

How can anything be as good as two?

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