Sunday, April 17, 2011

Blessing Day

Last Sunday we blessed Maddie up in Bountiful.  Josh gave Maddie a sweet and beautiful blessing.  It was such a great day and so wonderful to have so much love and support from our awesome families.  My amazing mom made Maddie a gorgeous dress - seriously - which the pictures do no justice.  Maddie was such a trooper the whole day.

 We wore this little girl out

 We were lucky enough to have all 8 of Josh and my grandparents there - All of Maddie's great grandparents.  Amazing that they were all there!


Steph said...

She is so sweet! The dress is beautiful!!

Amy & Christian Ivins said...

Jessica! What a cute little family you have started! Your little girl is adorable!!!

Jill said...

You just flew out this morning for Jersey and we miss you all ready!!
WE LOVE YOU!! Between our Maddie Blog and Skype, we may be able to survive the summer!
All your sad Taylor Fam