Monday, February 7, 2011

we're obsessed

We are loving having our little Maddie here.  She changes so fast and I already want to freeze time with her.  Today she officially had her first bath without tears (being naked is just not her thing).  She's also mastered the pirate look - something she's done since day one - by closing one eye and looking mad (see bottom 2 pictures)... (do all babies do this?)

Her little personality is starting to show through.  When she wants to cuddle she wants to cuddle, and when she doesn't she doesn't.  She is a noise maker and grunts loudly when you touch her or move her if she doesn't want you to.  

Josh told me last night that I'm obsessed with my camera but really... it's Maddie.


Jill said...

Now I'm really not going to get anything done! It's too fun to just sit and look at her!!! Absolutely DARLING blog and absolutely DARLING baby girl!!!
We love you three!!!
G-ma Jill

Aub said...

How could you NOT be obsessed?!

Alie said...

She is darling! I am in love with those little bunny slippers.

Jack always made "pirate" faces when he was that young. He still does when he's really tired.

Tyler tells me I'm obsessed with the camera too but I agree - it's the baby. I am so glad you are having fun being a mommy! We should have a playdate soon! (But who are we kidding? It'll be a Mommy playdate. The babies will probably just sleep!)

dana and justin said...

i think she looks like you jess! i'm obsessed with the picture where she is holding your thumbs. look at that face!

Dane & Whit Nelson said...

Oh jess! I can't believe how cute she is...and you look beautiful! I love that picture. I can't wait to meet her. Oh I bet you're loving having her around, it's making me want one...really bad!! Ha ha.

Brandon and Aimee said...

Maddie is soo cute and you look so pwettttyyy!!!