Thursday, January 5, 2012


We were lucky enough to spend almost 3 weeks in Bountiful over Christmas break.  Bountiful will always feel like home to us (and with as much time as we spend there, it might as well be).  After going through my (lack of) pictures from the break and trying to decide what to post, I've decided to add one more new year's resolution to my already mile long list... take more pictures.  Especially of Josh and I - we are seriously lacking on photos of the two of us together.

Maddie dreaming about what she might be getting for Christmas

Hanging out at Kingsbury Hall during the Jon Schmidt Christmas concert

Maddie in her Christmas dress I made for her - still trying to get the hang of this whole sewing thing

The BHS alumni bball tournament... my Josh knows how to play.

Little new year's eve date at CPK - don't think I could ever get sick of this place or my cute man

This might be an indication of why we don't have many pictures together - this was attempt #4 I think - not the greatest picture of us, but Josh was done trying.

We had such a great Christmas break filled with family, no school, eating, baby staying up past 11, more food, birthday celebrations, naps, date night for Josh and I, FIFA, realizing that if I thought I was in okay shape - I was wrong (thank you GPP Fitness), and being totally spoiled in every way.  Josh and I are truly blessed to have such amazing families that live so close.

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