Thursday, February 9, 2012

The best days

After a very busy couple of weeks Maddie and I have been keeping things low-key, staying at home, and catching up on some much needed play time.  Sometimes I think back to the days before I had a baby - I know, so long ago right? - but really it's a little hard for me to imagine.  It's like Maddie has always been a part of us, and I'm really grateful for that.  

Today when I was getting ready I sat Maddie down in front of the mirror to play and watched as she sat and giggled at herself over and over and over in the mirror.  It was so simple and so sweet.  We painted her tiny tiny toenails successfully for the first time today (and she loves them - can't stop looking at them), she let me rock her while she sucked her thumb until she was almost asleep, we had a few mini-dance parties in the front room, and read the same book more than once.  She is the happiest little thing. This little girl sure knows how to make my days perfect.  

I feel an incredible amount of love for this girl - a different kind of love than I've felt before and it grows stronger every single day.  Sometimes I feel like it would be impossible for us to love her more, but as she grows and we get to know each other better I am proven wrong.  It's amazing that, because of her, I get excited to blow bubbles and play with stickers and a million other things just to see her happiness.   Being a mom is so much better than I ever dreamed it could be, and don't get me wrong - it has its days, but I could not imagine or want life any other way.


Jimmy and Lindsey said...

Being a mom really is the most wonderful thing. I feel so blessed to be a mom. I bet you are the best mom ever Jess. You have such a cute little family.

dana and justin said...

Love her tiny little toes!