Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Melt my heart

I can't get enough of the relationship these two are developing lately.  Probably the only thing that comes close to the joy I feel as a mother, is the joy that I feel watching these two little ones interact with each other.  Maddie cannot get enough of her brother (I wish I could say it was like this when he was born).  She asks where he is every time he is napping and gets so excited to play with him.  

She has become obsessed with all things baby - "they are sooo tiny and sooo cute"as she says (in the highest pitched voice imaginable).  She points out cute babies everywhere we go and always asks me to draw a tiny baby one of whatever we are drawing.  She told me the little shapes in her book yesterday were "soooo cute."  She can't get enough of her brother's tiny toes and hands and toys.  Beckham is a champ to put up with all of his sister's love.  He just laughs and smiles and is his happy, easy-going, loving self.  I sure am grateful for this about him.

I sure love these two.  

**And let it be noted that big sister is in her bed right now, refusing to nap and yelling/singing "Mommy!!! I'm ready to go to the park!!"**


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

What adorable pictures! They are "sooo cute!!" (: