Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Beckham 8 Months.

the happiest little boy

loves crawling, being tickled, showers, and anything involving his big sister.
loves being a part of things
has the cutest laugh I've ever heard
taps his hand when he drinks his bottle
loves to clap
gets into dangerous situations constantly
a bit of a mama's boy (and she loves this)
sucks his thumb and cuddles with his blankie in his hands - just like his sister
we think he's a lefty
brightest big blue eyes
still working on the hair - and it's white blonde
crawls to mom when she calls him
can find a ball anywhere
laughs at and plays with his shadow and reflection
smiles all day long
loves to eat, especially if mom was eating it first
laughs extra hard at uncle joey
cute little birthmark on his left elbow
follows mom and maddie around the house all day
pulls himself up to stand on everything and tries to let go
cruises along furniture
always has a bruise or scratch somewhere
100% boy and we love him for it

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1 comment :

Aub said...

Does he really smile THAT much, and THAT big. No, you are just photo shopping it.