Monday, January 31, 2011

A Baby Story

The (semi-short) story of Maddie.

I went to the dr on Tuesday, January 18 for my regular weekly appt.  After all was said and done, the doc told me he'd be surprised if he didn't see me at labor and delivery at the hospital in the next 2 or 3 days... kind of a surprise seeing as my due date wasn't for a week and a half (I wasn't complaining though).  The next morning I woke up having what I thought were contractions, although really I had no clue.  They went away though but started back up Wednesday evening.  By late wednesday night, after a long decision-making process on my part as to whether I really was in labor and having contractions or just going crazy - we decided to head to the hospital (things were getting painful).  We checked in a little before 3 and had little Maddie just before 8.  Things happened pretty fast once we were there.  The entire process was awesome - so peaceful and calm - an amazing experience.  

Little Madison is perfect in every way.  She already is growing and changing so fast and we can already see glimpses of her cute personality coming through.  Josh even discovered that she has at dimples today (at least one).  I'm not sure how we didn't see that sooner but it made my heart melt.  We love our little babe.


Alie said...

I love that pink bow in her hair! She is darling!!!

dana and justin said...

she is so cute! hopefully we get to meet her in two days:)

kileystaples said...

ah I love it and I love her! (and you too..hehe) I miss you guys already!