Friday, April 29, 2011

Bye Bye Utah


Little Maddie earned her wings.  She was such a trooper (and a sleepy baby thank heavens) for our first flight + a layover + a 2 hour delay + a second flight + the headache of checked bags and having waaaay too much stuff.  Thank you Maddie!

We are now happily in New Jersey and getting settled in for the summer.  We love seeing the ocean out our windows and falling asleep to crashing waves.


Aub said...

dude i didn't even know you went to jersey! well good luck with sales, it is definitely a diff lifestyle, and i totally wish we would have done it together, but hey good luck anyways

dana and justin said...

i'm so glad you guys made it out here!

Jill said...

Yes...I do have a lump in my throat looking at these...big surprise I know!! Happy Anniversary yesterday and so glad you went to the Big Apple to spend the day!!