Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Apple, Little Baby

Last Saturday we spent the day in New York City for our anniversary.  We live so close and it was awesome to be able to jump on the train and get off at Penn Station.  It was Josh's first time and the weather was beautiful.

And who knew having a baby was so popular on the east coast? Or probably anywhere outside of Utah for that matter.  We had so many people comment to us on our baby, including a business man who came up to us and congratulated us on our having a fantastic baby, and a 14 year old riding his bike who yelled to us that we had a "nice baby."  I guess babies aren't quite the every day, every place occurrence here quite like there are back home.


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Jill said...

Her red outfit is perfect considering you spent the day in the big apple! I am just cracking up at how much attention she brought...loved the kid riding by on the bike! And I thought only her Grandma's felt that way...now I know it's her Grandma's and New Yorkers!!
Love you three! xoxoxo