Monday, June 20, 2011

We love breaks from summer sales

A couple weeks ago Josh and I were lucky enough to spend the week with his family visiting Palmyra.  It was a much needed and very welcomed break and we were more than excited to show of our little Maddie girl (because we think she's perfect).  First off, can I say that Palmyra is gorgeous, and not exactly what I had pictured.  It was such a quiet, peaceful, still little town full of farmland, houses with big porches, and a lot of green.

One morning Mads woke up a little early so we headed out a morning walk.

The Sacred Grove - so green and so pretty.
 Our little fam at the Smith farm with the Palmyra temple in the background.  It was way past this little girl's bedtime and she was an angel thank goodness.

Hill Cumorah with a happy girl


 The last few days we spent up in the Niagara falls area.  The falls + Whirlpool Jet Boats + outlet shopping = fun days.

This little girl crashed on the flight home.  She was such a trooper to let us drag her around pretty much everywhere foregoing naptimes/ bedtimes/ any of her normal routine.  I realized she totally loves being around people.  Sad for her considering she's now back to hanging out with just Mom all day.

Such a fun trip, and a great way to say farewell to Elder Mikey who heads off for his mission to Taiwan on Wednesday.  A huge thanks to our wonderful Taylor fam!


Aub said...

wow beautiful pictures! Looks like so much fun and your little girl is getting so big and even cuter!

Jill said...

This little girl was an absolute angel on the trip! We took her completely out of her comfort zone and tossed her schedule out the window...and she was nothing but an angel the entire week!!!
Thanks for a great trip!! Note to Josh: never order anything with "log" in the title!!! WE LOVE YOU!!!