Wednesday, March 28, 2012

and today was a day just like any other.

Sometimes with blogging I don't know if I should play catch up or continue on from where we are at.  I feel like a happy middle ground is posting a bunch of instragram photos as a brief snapshot on what we've been up to lately.

1. This girl.  She's front and center of course (and she still LOVES that thumb of hers).
2. Breakfast at Tiffany's with my mom and sister - fun event, and even more fun to see the amazing City Creek mall.  
3.  Maddie has been learning SO many new things including: where her nose, eyes, mouth, teeth, toes etc are; how to stand on her own and walk with us holding one hand (soo soo close to walking), jabbering to the point of full conversations that only she knows the full meaning of, how to get everything she could ever want and more from her parents, understanding so many new words and phrases, and how to mimic several sounds and a few words.
4. We've spent lots and lots of time outside in this perfect spring weather and couldn't be happier about it.
5. I've been working like crazy on Academy J - we've got some (hopefully) exciting things in store in the next few months.
6. Park, park, and more park.
7. Miss Maddie helping out with Academy J
8. Like I said, front and center, this girl.
9. Still obsessing over this girl's perfect cheeks.
10. I've been running more lately and have remembered why I love it so much, especially those few runs I can sneak in all. by. myself.
11. We headed on a walk up the Elephant Rock trail.  I'm learning that my ideas of fun don't necessarily equal family fun - this experience was a good example of that.
12. Darling new chicks a few weeks ago - a true sign of spring.

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dana and justin said...

I love the face she is making in the picture to the right of the baloon... so cute! That is so exciting that she is standing by herself!