Saturday, August 18, 2012


Last weekend Josh's parents were amazing enough to take {almost} the entire family to see Wicked at Capitol Theatre.  To say I was excited was an understatement - I've seen wicked once before, so naturally I was thrilled to see it again.  

The day before, my mother-in-law texted us all saying 
"WICKED is in 'one short day'!! Let's 'defy gravity' and jump on our broomsticks and leave here at 5:30 tomorrow night.  We're going to a 'popular' restaurant for dinner before!! Get ready for a great evening cause after this night, you''ll be 'changed for good'!! Love you!! -Mom"
Isn't she the best?

We loved every minute of it.  I knew Josh would like it, but I loved how much he loved it.  We now seriously regret not seeing it on Broadway last summer when we lived in Jersey, although I doubt it could have been any better.  

Thank you, thank you to the Taylor's for a magical night!

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