Wednesday, May 25, 2011


This little baby is one happy girl.  Seriously Josh and I lucked out getting such a happy baby (most of the time).  She's 4 months old and growing too fast.  I know I post about her constantly but I thought this picture was too cute to pass up.  A few things about our Maddie lately:

She is such a good sleeper at night and usually sleeps for 11 hours - sometimes we even get 12.
On the other hand, she hates taking naps unless she is being held... something we're working on.
She tried rice cereal and baby food for the first time a few days ago.  She did better than I thought she would but I'm thinkin we might wait a bit.
She seriously loves sitting up.  Obviously she can't on her own yet, but she loves to be held upright and looking around all the time.  She always is trying to sit up.
She is such a GIRL and her little personality already shows it. 
She definitely has her own personality and is strong willed.  Although she's pretty easy going most of the time, when she gets upset or something is bugging her she lets you know.
She is still totally in love with Josh and lights up whenever she sees him.  He can get her to laugh so much and she is so content just hanging out with him doing whatever.
She loves her baths - I'm hoping this translates to her loving the pool here in a bit.

She's growin too fast but we're having so much fun watching her grow.

On a side note... my blog roll needs some help.  I've been needing to do this forever, but leave me your blog address if you have one!


Alie said...

update mine!

p.s. maddie is so stinkin' adorable!!

Jill said...

We love Maddie and her wonderful parents with all our hearts. Joy inexpressible! Grandpa Brian