Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Boy!!

We are over the moon excited about the new little addition coming our way this March, and a BOY?  We couldn't be happier - one of each sounds pretty perfect to me.

 I'm 20 weeks along (almost 21, but who's counting?) which officially puts me past the halfway point.   In all honesty, I was slightly terrified of pregnancy again, not knowing how I could handle being so sick all the time with a toddler in tow.  But thankfully, this time around has been a little easier - something I am more than thankful for.  

Maddie already loves baby brother.  Her newest word is "bebee" and, when I catch her in the right mood, she'll even give kisses to baby brother.  This little nurturer will be a great big sister - we just need to teach her to be a little more gentle (and to not insist on being carried EVERYWHERE - not quite sure how that will work with two).

We feel blessed beyond words and though I'm a little panicked that our new little one will be here in just over 4 months, March can't come soon enough!