Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life at 23 weeks:

This baby is growing, and so wiggly (there's no way Maddie ever moved around this much).

So far, so good with this pregnancy, and we are feeling very blessed.  Yesterday I think it hit me that we'll have a little boy around this place in a little over 3 months and I made me a little panicked.  I have nothing for a baby boy really.  I feel like at this point with Maddie I was so much more prepared with cute clothes, homemade blankets, and little projects here and there to welcome a new baby.

Maddie is so fun lately.  Not that she hasn't always been, but I'm loving this stage.  I quit keeping track of the words she says because it has skyrocketed.  Almost all at once, she just started talking and I love it.  It kind of catches me off guard sometimes still - she'll ask for something and I'll think "Wait - you can say that?  Since when?"

A few days ago, we brought her in bed with us in the morning as we all were waking up and she say up and pointed to my stomach and said "It's a baby!" I'm not sure she knows what's going to happen to her world in a few months, but I know she'll love it.

Josh has been working so hard, studying for the GMAT and working on a really special and long-anticipated gift for his grandpa.  He's almost done and we're both so excited.  

Life is good around here - no complaints, and only 21 days till Christmas!

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